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2017 Youth Essay Contest

Three Categories

Age 10-13

God’s Man In God’s Time

Discover Martin Luther, who he was, what God did to direct in his life. Did he struggle to learn how to know God’s Word and to obey God?

Words: 800-1000

Prize: $125 (1st place), $50 (2nd place),

                  $25 (3rd place)

Age 14-17

The Heart of Martin Luther’s Message

The Reformation rests on two fundamental issues: a) What is our final authority and, b) how may a sinner be made righteous before God?

Words: 800-1000

Prize: $125 (1st place), $50 (2nd place),

                  $25 (3rd place)

Ages 18 & Above

How the Protestant Reformation Changed the World

What were the continuing waves of effect that issued forth from the Protestant Reformation? Identify and comment on some of these.

Words: 1000-1500

Prize: $300 for the winning essay

All entries must be typed and submitted electronically to by May 31, 2017. Please include your name, address, phone number, age, and a high resolution photograph of yourself. Essays will become the property of BPP and winning essays will be published by BPP. Prizes will be awarded by August 31, 2017. Previous first place winners, except in the oldest age group, are eligible only for the next higher age group when they are of the corresponding age. Previous winners of the Age 18-21 age group may submit an essay if they are of the proper age.